Leonard Albanese & Sustainable Building

Leonard Albanese, President of Global Housing and Development Group (GHDG), helps bring prefabricated building solutions to uplift communities throughout the United States. In partnership with SigmaKit, the team has found the perfect balance of where technology and construction collide to create structures and materials for rapid, sustainable building.

This partnership (known as Global Sigma Tech) is making waves throughout the construction industry. By developing and creating products from SigmaCrete™ such as wall, floor and roofing, the team is able to provide some of the safest construction materials. Not only are all products eco-friendly and sustainable, they are also fire, water and mold proof to increase their longevity. The use of SigmaCrete™ is truly a one-of-a-kind, strong and sustainable construction solution.

“We are extremely proud to collaborate with SigmaKit in bringing this unique building solution to the market. Our expertise in building combined with the very special application of SigmaCrete has created a useful and sustainable answer to many housing issues.” -Leonard Albanese, President of Global Housing & Development Group.

Years in the making, Leonard Albanese & GHDG deeply cares about the every growing problem of underdeveloped or non-existing housing for people in need, struck by disaster or communities that lack infrastructure such as medical centers. The prefabricated units and materials used allows for an extremely quick turnaround – in some cases, as little as 7 days is needed. Rooted deep in decades of experience, Albanese constantly hold others to the highest standard. This has allowed him to not only grow Albanese & Sons into one of the most well respected luxury home construction and renovation companies in the area, but also to help create innovative and proprietary materials for sustainable building.

About Leonard Albanese

For the past 3 decades, Leonard Albanese has a family building legacy an established an unparalleled reputation as a master builder of custom homes and outstanding communities. A licensed Building Contractor and Real Estate Broker with a degree in Business, Leonard has deep roots in the construction business. Both his father and grandfather were expert masons and builders – artisans of the Old World trades that have been passed down from generation to generation.

To learn more about Leonard Albanese, please visit: http://leonardalbanese.com/

For more information about Global Sigma Tech please visit: http://globalsigmatech.com/

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