Global SigmaKit Panama: New Housing Solution Developed


  • 400 square foot house with 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bath assembled in 5 days
  • Building Solution that bridges the gap between energy, efficiency, affordability, and quality
  • Adapts to any Architectural Project – used in many different applications



BOCA RATON, FL., October, 2015 — Global SigmaKit (GSK), announced a new collaboration in Panama to provide 5,000 home units for the poor. The Panamanian Government promised more affordable and stable housing for the nation’s lower-class citizens and Global SigmaKit is at the forefront of these efforts. The new sustainable Global SigmaKit housing product can be assembled for emergency solutions, in difficult locations, as a reliable home.

Global SigmaKit’s Housing Product

This housing product earned accreditation and has been accepted by the University of Technology in Panama City. The Panamanian Government has promised approximately 100,000 housing units for the poor. This is where Global SigmaKit excels in finding new technologies in affordable building, testing new materials, and new systems. The housing units utilize SigmaCrete™ which is the result of more than 50 years of experimenting with new technologies in high quality, low cost, and fast construction. Global SigmaKit is dedicated to the development of new materials and technologies to reduce the cost of construction so every family in the world can afford a home. This unique housing product has been accepted by the Panamanian government and fulfills the vision that people across the globe deserve safe and sustainable homes regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status.

Global SigmaKit has defined their mission statement as, “Providing sustainable, quality, affordable living solutions to the global community.”, stated the co-Presidents Leonard Albanese (of Albanese & Sons) and Roberto LaRocca

The World’s Housing Crisis

Unsustainable growth in global population and the devastating effects of recent natural disasters have left approximately 100 million people homeless and 1.1 billion people living in inadequate housing conditions worldwide. To address this catastrophic housing situation and to help many communities around the world, the Global SigmaKit team of multi-national Engineers with expertise in several fields: Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical, feel a special calling to provide the needed housing for the world.
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