Creating Global SigmaKit: Global Housing and Development Group and SigmaKit

BOCA RATON, FL., December, 2015 — Global Housing and Development Group (GHDG) and SigmaKit announced a new partnership, creating Global Sigmakit. These two companies will collaborate in the manufacturing of prefabricated building solutions. This new sustainable product will be used in the assembly of single-family homes, medical clinics, places of worship, disaster relief, among many other applications.


“We are extremely proud to collaborate with SigmaKit in bringing this unique building solution to the market. Our expertise in building combined with the very special application of SigmaCrete has created a useful and sustainable answer to many housing issues.” -Leonard Albanese, President of Global Housing & Development Group and Albanese & Sons

Global Housing & Development Group (GHDG)

GHDG was founded on the vision that people across the globe deserve safe and sustainable homes regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status. The unsustainable growth in global population and the devastating effects of recent natural disasters have left approximately 100 million people homeless and 1.1 billion people living in inadequate housing conditions worldwide. To address this catastrophic housing condition, GHDG has defined its mission statement as, “Providing sustainable, quality, affordable living solutions to the global community.”

“Joining forces with GHDG has given us the edge to really accommodate a larger international market with this unique building solution. Our collaboration will help many communities all around the world. ” -SigmaKit, President, Roberto LaRocca


The SigmaKit team is a group of Multi-national Engineers with expertise in several fields: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical, with more than 100 years of combined experience. Since the 1950’s they have  been dedicated to finding new technologies in affordable building, testing new materials, and new systems. SigmaKit and SigmaCrete™ are the result of more than 50 years of experimenting with new technologies in high quality, low cost, and fast construction. They are dedicated to the development of new materials and technologies to reduce the cost of construction so every family in the world will be able to afford a home.

Why the Partnership with Global SigmaKit?

GHDG partnered with SigmaKit to create Global SigmaKit because both of these companies feel a special calling to provide the needed housing for the world. Their goal is to support the markets that need affordable and fast housing.

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